Celebrate the release of "Lemon," the novel inspired by the Lemon Trilogy (Here, Then Gone, M, Playboys & Dishes) with performances from:

The Desert Island Big Band: The Desert Island Big Band began as a lesson in vulnerability; a way to push personal boundaries. As it progressed a narrative emerged, the “Lemon Trilogy” — three songs centred around escapism that later inspired Jurewicz’s first novel, “Lemon,” available June 16th. Born in Ottawa, Canada, Stefan Jurewicz is a music producer and audio engineer by trade (Kick Me Records). Having worked with more than 65 different artists on over 150 releases during his decade-long career so far, along with his own experience playing in bands such as Onionface, All Day Breakfast and Siberian Breaks (to name a few), has led the music of the Desert Island Big Band to be as stylistically diverse as his production catalog, while still retaining a distinct overarching identity.

Salmon Ella: Salmon Ella is a result of the 2017 Girls+ Rock Ottawa’s Rock Camp for Women+. Since that June weekend, Cynthia, Delta, Hannah, and Katie have been writing music with quirky melodies and uncomfortably honest lyrics to get to the heart of their experiences. Influenced by Warpaint, Bikini Kill, Courtney Barnett, and Fiona Apple, they played their first show in October 2018 and are quickly making a mark on the Ottawa music scene. Sometimes absurd, sometimes ethereal, their music will have you saying “I don’t know what I just listened to, but I think I liked it!”

No Hits: No Hits is a basement indie rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Having started in 2017 the band has evolved constantly since, becoming grizzled young veterans of their craft. They came back from the COVID years red hot, with the release of singles 'Please Please Please' and 'Cahill' and forthcoming EP 'Growing Pains'. Their songwriting touches on themes of youthfulness, confusion, anger and love, while also putting on some of the most entertaining live performances you’ll ever see. The group is dead set on showing everyone that you don't need any hits to have a good time.

8:00pm Doors \ 8:30pm Show

$15 in Advance (fees included), $17 at the door