The Desert Island Big Band w/ Out By Lucy & Noise Hotel

Live On Elgin, 220 Elgin Street, Ottawa

The Desert Island Big Band: Perspective speaks volumes. Stranded on a desert island, one can embrace the freedom of solitude, or fear the weight of isolation. The Desert Island Big Band bridges that gap by acknowledging that perspectives ebb and flow like the tide; that drowning and drying off can happen in the same place. There is no one way to look at something. The Desert Island Big Band began as a lesson in vulnerability; a way to push personal boundaries. As it progressed a narrative emerged, the “Lemon Trilogy” — three songs centred around escapism that later inspired Jurewicz’s first novel, “Lemon,” set to be re-published in June.

Out By Lucy: Out by Lucy is a rock band. The band includes Samuel Moreland (Lead Guitar), Gabriel Comba (Bass Guitar), Julian Moreland (Drums) and Harrison Mees (Rhythm Guitar). We write songs about many things: Watersports, Love, Birding, Habitual drug use, Shoe Etiquette, Family, The Czars, Antifreeze Poisoning etc. despite disparate subject matter our music is catchy, whimsical and always contains a catchy chorus. We love songs that are around 2:45 seconds long that rest around 100 - 120 bpm. We appreciate music that is concise and gratifying.

Noise Hotel: Formed in Ottawa in 2022, Noise Hotel is a three-piece Indie/Alternative band who play in a diverse range of musical styles. Known for their energetic live performances, catchy melodies and penchants for neckties, the band is one of Ottawa's burgeoning talents.

$12 advance, $15 at door