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Live On Elgin, 220 Elgin Street, Ottawa

An enhanced covid-19 vaccine certificate is required to attend this event. Thank you for your understanding.

LIVE! on Elgin Presents: Season 2!

October 15th - March 27th at LIVE! on Elgin. Presented with support from our partners: Postering Ottawa, Collective Arts Brewing, & Loretta Media. All Artwork Designed by Tina Wallace This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

James Blonde & The Desert Island Big Band

James Blonde: James Blonde is more than the sum of its parts; the Canadian alternative / rock band was born when Neil Carson, Phil Taylor and Steph Mercier came together to form the singular entity known by this name. The band acts as a conduit, taking inspiration from the turn of 21st century’s rock resurgeance of bands like Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Billy Talent & MGMT with the great classic rock bands, to pump out electric performances both on stage and in the studio.

The Desert Island Big Band: Perspective speaks volumes. Stranded on a desert island, one can embrace the freedom of solitude, or fear the weight of isolation. The Desert Island Big Band bridges that gap by acknowledging that perspectives ebb and flow like the tide; that drowning and drying off can happen in the same place. There is no one way to look at something. The Desert Island Big Band began as a lesson in vulnerability; a way to push personal boundaries. As it progressed a narrative emerged, the “Lemon Trilogy”, and the Desert Island Big Band discovered its place. Rather than add another voice to an increasingly politicized world, it instead decided to offer its listeners an escape from it all; a new world to live in, if only for a few minutes.

March 10th 7pm Doors // 8pm Show Upstairs 220 Elgin Street